Friday, March 28, 2014

NEWS:CrowdFlower Community :Contributor Performance Levels!

Introducing Contributor Performance Levels!

[Note]: Read below to learn how to gain access to more and higher paying Jobs! We will be reviewing your eligibility for the first release of this program over the next few weeks.
Today we are very pleased to announce the initial release of Contributor Performance Level Badges.  This is a very exciting development for CrowdFlower as it will greatly improve the experience for both Contributors and TaskAuthors alike!
Performance Level Badges are awarded to our best Contributors and come with a number of great benefits, such as access to more Tasks and higher pay! 
Look for these three new badges on your Contributor Dashboard:
To be eligible for a Performance Level Badge you must continuously maintain a very high Accuracy across a variety of different Job types.  
Because there are hundreds of thousands of Contributor accounts to review, we will be slowly rolling out Performance Level Badges to all eligible Contributors over the next 2-3 weeks. Once this initial phase is complete, your accounts will be reviewed for eligibility every 24 hours.
The details of the eligibility requirements for each Level are outlined below:
Level 1: Contributors in Level 1 have completed over a hundred Test Questions across a variety of Job types, and have a very high overall Accuracy.
Level 2: Contributors in Level 2 have completed over a hundred Test Questions across a large set of Job types, and have an extremely high overall Accuracy.
Level 3: Contributors in Level 3 have completed over a hundred Test Questions across hundreds of different Job types, and have a near perfect overall Accuracy.
At CrowdFlower we take Accuracy very seriously.  But it is not the only factor that affects your Performance Level eligibility.  We frequently manually review Performance Level Contributor accounts to guarantee that TaskAuthors are getting the highest possibly quality in their Jobs. This guarantee is the only reason Task Authors use CrowdFlower and thus the only reason you have CrowdFlower Jobs to work on! 
Because TaskAuthors need their Jobs to be completed with the highest possible quality, we want to reward and celebrate the Contributors who help them do just that! 
Contributors who earn Level Badges gain exclusive access to more and higher paying Jobs.  In fact, every time you earn a Level Badge more Jobs will become available to you!  Contributors with Level Badges also receive very quick responses from the Support Team whenever you encounter any issues.
Over the next two weeks, we will also be releasing a totally redesigned Job Listing page.  This new beautiful design will not only show you the Jobs you currently have access too, but will also show you the Jobs you can potentially have access to.  Maintain a high Accuracy and complete Skill Tests and you will do just that!
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